Northern and Central California Consortium of Psychology Libraries Bylaws
Revised November 16, 1998; July 10, 2002; July 15, 2004; July 26, 2007; January 17, 2013


Article I 


The name of this organization shall be Northern and Central California Psychology Libraries (NCCPL) consortium.

Article II


NCCPL is a consortium of libraries and librarians in Northern and Central California at institutions which support programs in psychology, and may support other educational programs. NCCPL exists to provide its members with mutual support, expertise, mentoring, professional development, and collaboration.

In a world of increasing virtual presence, NCCPL recognizes the special value of in-person, face to face professional interaction.

Article III


Sec. 1 Membership shall be open to any Library / information center of an institution in Northern or Central California that supports programs in psychology and shares the interest and goals of NCCPL.  Membership is also available to individual professional librarians who wish to participate.

Sec. 2 Each institutional member must build and maintain a resource collection which meets the basic, recurring needs of its primary clientele. Institutional member libraries agree to participate in the activities, abide by the agreements, and are entitled to the privileges established in the document "NCCPL Activities, Agreements and Privileges." All institutional members must have at least one staff person with a Masters degree from an ALA-accredited institution (or the equivalent), practicing at the California location.

Sec. 3 Individual members are required to have a Masters degree from an ALA- accredited institution, or the equivalent.

Sec. 4 New members must be approved by vote of the current membership. Two-thirds of the total membership must vote to approve a new member (or to revoke membership).

Sec. 5 Each member shall have one and only one vote.

Sec. 6 All members shall attend at least one meeting each year. Institutional members may be represented by the Library Director or by any appointed representative.

Sec. 7 Membership in NCCPL may be revoked, if the institution or individual does not meet the requirements of these bylaws. A two-thirds vote is required for this decision.


Article IV

Officers and Executive Committee

Sec. 1 NCCPL officers shall be the President, Vice President / President-elect, and Treasurer.

Sec. 2 The President and Vice President / President-elect shall be elected by the members at the Annual Meeting, and will serve for one year or until their successors are elected. Their term of office shall begin at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected.

Sec. 3 The Treasurer is the representative of the member institution which has accepted the responsibility for holding and accounting for NCCPL funds. This position is approved by a majority vote of the membership, but does not have a fixed term.

Sec. 4 All members are eligible for any office. If the Treasurer is elected to another NCCPL office, the membership shall also elect a Member-at-Large to serve in the same term.

Sec. 5 The officers form the Executive Committee, which is responsible for seeing that the decisions made by the membership of NCCPL are duly executed.

Sec 6 The  President convenes & presides over the meetings, manages the meeting agenda, ensures that minutes of meetings are recorded & circulated, and produces a year-end annual report.

Sec. 7 The Vice President / President-elect assumes the responsibilities of the president in the president's absence.

Sec. 8 The Treasurer provides invoicing and accounting for membership dues and consortial purchases, and manages the business expenses of the organization. The Treasurer will provide an annual financial report to the membership.

Article V


Sec. 1 Regular meetings will be held no less than four times a year; and the site of the meetings will rotate among the membership. Meetings are open to all members and invited guests.

Sec. 2 The first regular meeting of the calendar year shall be called the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, and setting the calendar and agenda for the coming year.

Sec.3 Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Executive Committee or by vote of the membership.

Sec. 4 A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum, and is sufficient to decide any issue except for votes on membership or the amendment of bylaws. (See Articles III & VI.)

Article VI


These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the current membership following written notification of the proposed changes with text of the amendments.

Article VII

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

These bylaws are supplemented by a MOU which sets forth member activities, duties and responsibilities, and finances.




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